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First set of LWD Instruments in China - manufactured by GWDC
Author:gwdc - PostTime:2011-12-20 16:47:28 - Hits:6951

On Aug., 20, 2011, the first set of Logging While Drilling tools (LWD) was successfully tested downhole within 100 hours of drilling time and a single well drilling footage of 432m. The measuring data coincided exactly with the data obtained by a similar tool manufactured in the USA. This achievement credits GWDC with having successfully developed the LWD tool has and acquires self-owned intellectual property rights. It was in November 2009 that GWDC signed the technical development contract with the University of Houston to develop the logging while drilling system. From then, a team mainly composed of top technical specialists from the Drilling Technique Services Company as well as other experts from the society worked together to master the state-of-the-art technique of LWD instruments. After over a year of hard work, the key techniques of resistivity measuring were successfully conquered and finally, GWDC acquired the patent for electromagnetic wave resistivity measuring technique, which has been rapidly put into industrialization.