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Comprehensive Mud Logging Equipment developed by GWDC has obtained the recognition from CNPC
Author:gwdc - PostTime:2011-12-20 16:49:29 - Hits:7037

On November 13, the Comprehensive Mud Logging Equipment (GW-MLE) self-developed by GWDC obtained recognition from the Science and Technology Management Department of CNPC in Beijing. The identification committee consisted of 11 experts led by Mr. Luo Yaping. Mr. Fang Chaoliang, vice general manager of the Science and Technology Management Department in CNPC and Mr. Liu Naizhen, vice president and chief engineer of GWDC attended the appraisal meeting and delivered speeches. MR. Chaoliang gave high praise to GWDC for its continuous attention to science and technology innovation work. Mr. Naizhen pointed out that equipment manufacturing is always a bottleneck when compared with international competitors who own advanced technologies. This time, GWDC successfully developed its own brand equipment and gradually formed a good working scheme of equipment development, equipment production and equipment storage and consequently, broke the monopoly of international advanced technology supplying strong technology support for acquiring international high-end markets. Mr. Liu Naizhen proposed to develop a well site information centre, accelerate the construction of a production control center, establish a mud logging engineering technology services system, and finally create an international mud logging brand.