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Quality assurance based on HSE performance.
GWDC takes “Quality Assurance, Health, Safety and Environment”very seriously as the key to our company’s survival and sustainable development, and has established a complete quality management system and HSE system.


HSE Management

GWDC developed a complete HSE system, which continuously improves the HSE performance of our company. All our projects have achieved successful start-ups from the beginning. We also ensure the occupational health and safety of our employees and guarantee the harmonization of our operations and the environment.
Issued by Shell, 2009
Our HSE Objectives

 · To perform all our drilling operations without personnel injury and damage to the environment.

 · To maximize drilling performance and provide the best services for our customers without compromising our HSE objectives.
 · To continuously operate and improve our HSE management system and performance, and strive to be the best in our business sector.
We care for the lives of our employees and pay great attention to their health. We have issued a series of policies and taken effective measures to improve our health care system in order to offer employees a salutary and pleasant working environment
Safety is one of the basic requirements to ensure the rapid development of a business and the health of its staff. High risks in oil industry mean that hard work has to be done to ensure safety. Safety has become the core of our corporate culture. For four consecutive years, GWDC has launched "Safety and Environmental Protection Year" campaign, focusing on human-centered safety principles.
GWDC always adheres to the work ethic of "put the environment, safety, quality, and people first", and protects the local natural environment while obtaining excellent production and operational achievements.