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Logging based on the apratical combination of advanced technologies.

Integrated interpretation of data acquired from wireline logging, mud logging and well testing operations offers solutions to a variety of geologic problems.
Wireline Logging and Perforation Services
· Conventional logging
· Imaging Logging
· Dipole sonic
· Horizontal perforating
· Cased hole services
· VSP-Vertical seismic profile
Mud Logging and Auxiliary Services
· Well site surface logging
· Mud logging evaluation
· Drilling Monitoring
· QFT services
· WELLAB NMR wellsite services
· Chromatogragh and gas detector
· Logging charts and reports
· Auxiliary drilling services
· Mud logging data interpretation
Well Testing and Completion Services
· Well Testing with swabbing
· Well Testing with ESP
· Well Testing with PCP
· Well Testing with NAVI
· Well Testing with hydraulic pump
· Well Testing with nitrogen lifting
· Multi-well well testing