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Heavy oil thermal recovery technology

GWDC has acquired abundant experience in heavy oil field E&D and construction. Taking reservoir geological research and engineering design as the entry point, GWDC now expands its services globally for general contracting of well drilling and completion, steam injecting, EOR by gas flooding, lifting, thermal testing, workover and well stimulating.
The heavy oil CSS expansive experiment carried out in FNE Block in Sudan Fula oilfield, achieved excellent development result. In order to solve the problems encountered in the pilot test period (such as high water cut after steam injection and unsatisfied lifting technology), GWDC conducted a comprehensive geological study which focused on bottom water distribution research, reservoir characteristics and fluid properties evaluation, perforation intervals optimization, horizontal well development feasibility research, and CSS performance analysis. We also applied a comprehensive evaluation as to the CSS experiment effectiveness by optimizing CSS steam injection parameters and improving wellbore lifting technology. The average daily output of CSS well produced 3-4 times of that in cold production well.