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High H2S well testing technology

In order to solve the technical difficulty in high H2S well testing, we carried out a series of technical research and operation process optimizations based on risk identification and analysis, and finally achieved sealed operation in the whole testing process with the help of remote real time monitoring.
    Improving the surface testing pipeline materials quality to DD and EE grade Manifold union design can enhance pipeline anti-sulfur safety and optimize connection techniques. Anti-sulfur material is utilized in surface testing connect fittings. Real time data recording for H2S content, pressure and temperature in the surface operating area is achieved by utilizing an automatic data acquiring system and the H2S leakage alarm greatly improves the safety of field operations. A high end safety valve is provided based on existing emergency shutdown system to reinforce ground emergency safety control capacity. The sealed operation in the whole testing process is achieved by using buffer tank to replace ordinary pressure metering tank
    In the past 3 years, the accumulated well testing operation reached 54 layers in high H2S wells and no environmental pollution and/or personal injury accident occured. The data acquiring accuracy ratio is up to 98%, which indicates the testing jobs were carried out safely and effectively.