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Comprehensive mud logging technology

GWDC has developed the GW-MLE all-inclusive mud logging equipment. By adopting a positive-pressure anti-explosive and fire-proof (A-0 level) instrument cabinet, this equipment is applicable for onshore and offshore exploration. The broadband and broad-voltage power supply system is in accordance with corresponding international and Chinese standards. The P+F digital, analog and communication conversion module, which is introduced from Germany, is easy to install and is convenient to maintain and upgrade. This equipment introduces the state-of-the-art Agilent7890 gas chromatograph. A PM data acquisition system (V2.0) was developed in both Chinese and English versions and the comprehensive mud logging function is extended by integrating 5 unique software systems developed by GWDC.
    GW-MLE has been applied in domestic and overseas mud logging markets in exploratory wells, appraisal wells, control wells, development wells, horizontal wells and underbalanced wells, showing stable performance within over 1000 operation hours. At present, a total of 19 GW-MLE sets are used in different markets such as Liaohe Oilfield, Tarim Oilfield, Hong Kong Times, Chad, Cuba, Iran, and more.
After study, understanding and innovation, GW-MLE mud logging unit has been developed. Positive-pressure, anti-explosive, and fire-proof (A-0 level) instrument room is applied to the platform exploration onshore and offshore; Broadband and broad-voltage power supply system is suitable for Chinese and international power supply standard and requirement. P+F digit, analog and communication conversion module, introduced from Germany, is easy to set and install and convenient to maintain and extend. Agilent7890 gas chromatograph, as the most advanced device in the world, is introduced; PM data acquisition system V2.0 with Chinese and English is developed, which integrates 5 unique software system of company, and can extend the comprehensive mud logging function.

GW-MLE mud logging device has serviced to mud logging for Chinese and international exploratory well, evaluation well, control well, development well along with horizontal well, and underbalanced well, and has been proved with a stable performance after the verification for over 1000 hours. At present, total 19 sets of mud logging devices are used in Chinese and international markets, such as Liaohe Oilfield, Tarim, Hong Kong Times, Chad, Cuba, Iran, etc.