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LEAP800 well logging system

The Logging Express Acquisition Platform (LEAP800) is a new generation well logging system mainly developed on the basis of LEAP600B, GWDC has the proprietary intellectual property rights of this system under international law. This system can quickly and accurately gather formation data and deliver enhanced formation images and data processing service, and supports all downhole service items of wireline logging, including conventional in open and cased hole, imaging logging, formation pressure testing, perforation coring, etc..
This system features WellScope data acquisition software, LEAP-Net remote communication system, networked surface system, WellLink high speed telemetry system, WellNet instrument bus system and high resolution imaging tools. With the remote communication panel, field engineers can easily get help from experts around the world. The LEAP800 logging system is developed based on the Ethernet technology, and consists of three networks and supports standard TCP/IP protocol. The system is a modular design in hardware, software and communication.
     This system has been tested on site in 100 wells including 10 commercial production wells carrying conventional slam logging tools combination and array slam logging tools combination with most of the wells distributed in Shengli, Liaohe, Neimenggu and Jilin. Different rocks have been tested including sand, shale, carbonate rock, metamorphic rock and volcanic rock. Well depth was less than 5000m, well temperature below 160℃and the logging success ratio was 100% in the 10 testing commercial production wells.