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Drilling fluid series technology

Our Special drilling fluid technology includes water-based series, oil-based series and foam series designs. Thirteen of our typical drilling fluid systems are: KCL-polymer drilling fluid, KCL-silicate drilling fluid, saturated saltwater drilling fluid, high-temperature resistant organic silicon drilling fluid, high-temperature and high-density drilling fluid, strong-restraining and anti-collapse drilling fluid, environmental water-based drilling fluid, high-effective reservoir protecting drilling fluid, oil-in-water drilling fluid, fully oil-based drilling fluid, water-in-oil drilling fluid, recyclable micro-foam drilling fluid, and air-foam drilling fluid. These enhance the effectiveness for increasing drilling speed, protecting oil and gas bearing formations and reducing drilling cost.

   We have developed preparation techniques for fully oil-based drilling fluid to synthesize treatment agents (such as organic soil activating agent and fluid loss agent with density ranging in  0.92-2.0g/cm3 and temperature resistance ranging in 90-200) and have established field treatment and maintenance techniques for fully oil-based drilling fluid. These techniques have been successfully used in 6 wells in Venezuela.

     In the Kenkyak oil field, we solved a drilling problem of serious hole shrinkage by using a polysulfonate saturated salt drilling fluid in the salt formations, gypsum formations and shale formations. In addition, we established sidewall stabilizing and safe drilling techniques in huge salt beds, narrow safety density window pressure control and oil & gas zone protection techniques, high density salt water drilling fluids, fluidity optimizing and control techniques rendering results as drill-in ratio of 100%, average drilling period reduced from 26 months to 7-8 months, average daily single-well output increased from 60 tons to 307 tons, and average single well cost savings of 53.3%.