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Drilling coring technology


GWDC has developed various coring tools covering 10 technical series and 30 types to meet the requirements of drilling coring operation in unconsolidated formations, gravel formations, middle-hard and hard formations and coal beds. The technology has reached the leading position in China.

  • Coring in unconsolidated formation
  • GRP coring
  • Sealing coring
  • Pressure-unchanged sealing coring
  • Directional coring
  • Coring while drilling
  • Coring in high deviated wells and horizontal wells
  • Coring in wells with oversize diameter
  • Coring with middle or long barrels
  • Coring in broken formations

The coring markets cover 7 overseas countries and 13 oil fields in China, mainly includes Sudan, Iran, Chad, Liaohe, Jidong, Daqing, Jilin, and Changqing, with annual coring footage of 3000m.