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Old-well sidetracking technology

 Many significant achievements have been reached using supporting technologies such as window cutting sidetracking, well trajectory control, and well completion tool manufacturing. These include directional window cutting and sidetracking optimization design, micro-step reaming for small sidetracking borehole, narrow-space casing centralization in small borehole, small size thermal stress compensating well completion, displacement technology for cement injection in narrow-space small borehole, cementing technique in different-diameter small borehole, and more. A series of supporting tools with proprietary intellectual property rights have been developed including series window cutting milling cone, whipstocks, micro-step reaming tools, integrated window cutting sidetracking tools, hydraulic-sealed liner hangers, liner pre-stress devices, and hydraulic centralizer. The integrated technology reaches leading positions in the world forming an annual operating capacity of 200 wells.

    During the past 5 years, old well sidetracking technology has been applied in 1140 wells on site, prolonging the lifespan of sidetracking wells by more than 1 time, with an accumulated increasing oil production of 153.9 t, and saving drilling and land use cost up to 1.14 billion RMB. The recovery to OOIP in old oil field has improved economically and effectively making great contribution to the stable development of old oil field.