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Horizontal well/sidetracking horizontal well technology

We have established a technological system to support horizontal wells which includes reservoir precise description technology, wellbore trajectory optimization design, geo-steering technology, wellbore trajectory control technology under the condition of complicated well pattern, serial well completion tools and technology, and more. With the continuously improving quality of the technical service team, GWDC now offers an annual service capacity of over 200 wells.

   In recent years, horizontal well technology has been widely applied to several types of reservoir such as sandstone light oil reservoirs,  buried hill light oil reservoirs, block light oil reservoirs with small faults, heavy oil reservoirs with edge water and bottom water, thin bed heavy oil reservoirs, special litho logy reservoirs, etc. Nearly 1000 horizontal wells covering these various types have been drilled to accomplish the application from single well implementation to large scale application in the whole block; the transformation from well stimulation to development mode changing; the conversion from productivity establishment to efficiently resolving development problems of a reservoir, all for the purpose of good economic benefit. Among the horizontal well drilled, it achieved a maximum horizontal length of 1725m, a maximum horizontal displacement of 5445m, a maximum measuring depth of 6450m, and a maximum vertical depth of 4500m.